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64% of Millennials spent more time playing mobile games in the past year | Pocket Gamer.biz

Tapjoy, a mobile advertising and monetization company, has released its latest Modern Mobile Gamer 2021: Millennials Report, which surveyed 5,026 millennial consumers in the United States.

It found that 86 percent of millennials use their smartphones to play games and 73 percent make mobile purchases one to four times a week, more than on any other device.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only made millennials more dependent on their mobile devices. 64 percent said they spent more time using mobile devices in the past year.

In terms of platforms, 86 percent play on mobile devices, 37 percent on consoles, and 27 percent on PC.

This is actually an increase since the pandemic began, with nearly three-quarters increasing the number of mobile games played. 60 percent said they plan to keep playing more mobile games.

This data comes from surveys conducted on the Tapjoy network in February and July 2021.

Brand values

Millennials grew up in a time of economic turmoil that affected their attitudes on all sorts of topics, from careers to the way they interact with brands.

According to Tapjoy market research, the top values ​​millennials consider about brands are: how they treat their employees (55%); Sustainability and environmental awareness (50%); and diversity, equality and inclusion (46%).

58 percent of respondents said they prefer advertising with a premium, compared to banner advertising (12%) and social media advertising (10%).

In fact, 63 percent said they enjoyed using offer walls, and the main reason for buying through mobile ads was to receive in-game rewards.

While they’re most likely to take surveys, they also like videos and free trials.

“The truth is, this demographic has so much more to offer than avocado toast. You have a unique perspective: you remember life before the Internet, but you can’t imagine life without it, ”said Lauren Baca, Senior Director of Marketing at Tapjoy.

“They are just as tech savvy and mobile-bound as Gen Z, especially when it comes to gaming and shopping.”

To download the full report, visit https://www.tapjoy.com/lp/modern-mobile-gamer-2021-millennials/


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