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Zoom Out 3D Strategy Guide – Get The Answers With These Hints, Tips, And Cheats

Zoom Out 3D is a game that is about finding out what something is from an enlarged image. It can be a logo, an object, an animal, or a famous person. It’s up to you to find out and defeat your opponents.

However, sometimes that’s easier said than done, so we thought it would be a good idea to write this guide. We’ve played a fair bit of Zoom Out 3D and discovered a number of strategies to help you when things get tough.

This is a guide for everyone – those who have never zoomed out, those who have already answered a number of questions, and everyone in between. So let’s move on, yeah? These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Zoom Out 3D.

Use your common sense

For the most part, the answers to the questions the game raises are pretty obvious. Look at the picture, review the options, and then use your common sense to find the correct answer. There are some trickier questions that might baffle you, but we’ll get to how to solve these in a minute.

Don’t pay attention to the other players

The other players aren’t the smartest cookies in the jar. So if you get stuck, it is best not to see where the majority are going and to follow them. Most of the time, they’ll get it wrong. Ignore the other players and try to find the right answer yourself.

Use the hints if you are not sure

If you get stuck, the game provides clues that you can uncover by watching videos. These point you in the right direction or remove a wrong answer from the board. You should only use them as a last resort, but if you’re really stuck they are much better than just pricking in the dark.

Play the bonus levels

The bonus levels offer a different type of challenge and ask you questions that you have to answer yourself. It’s a nice change of pace from the main level zoom gameplay, and well worth playing for the goodies they offer. You have to watch a video to unlock it.

What are the coins used for?

You can spend the coins on new costumes and characters from the store at the start of each round. You’ll unlock costumes just by playing, and they don’t add anything other than a new visual twist to the game. Definitely spend your coins on it, but we don’t think it is worth your time watching the videos for more.

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