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Top 10 Greatest Netflix Movies and Series Right Now (October 28, 2021)

Welcome to our guide of the most popular New releases on Netflix, a full breakdown of the biggest shows based on who is watching what.

Squid game, the Korean survival drama by writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk, has remained at number one in the top 10 most popular Netflix movies and shows since the series was released three weeks ago. There’s likely a comparison between the series’ longevity and the characters struggling through a gruesome series of games, but we don’t want to be gauche.

In addition to Squid game‘s continuing popularity, Mike Flanagan’s limited horror series midnight fair remains strong at number four in Netflix’s top 10. There are tons of other shows new to Netflix on this week’s most popular movies and television, including the hit sitcom His field (which the company reportedly paid over $ 500 million to acquire the streaming rights), the 2015 teen comedy The duff with Mae Whitman, James Cameron’s epic love-disaster drama Titanic, and much more!

To help you navigate the massive Netflix has, we’ve put together our reviews, features, and summaries of the shows and films that made the top 10 US lists in an easy-to-read format. Place. Read on to find out what people are watching and check out our coverage to help you choose the most popular Netflix hits that suit your needs or personal tastes.

Polygon updates Netflix’s top 10 every Tuesday. The actual top 10 may change between updates.

The biggest new releases from Netflix

10. Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet stand on the prow of the Titanic in Titanic.

Picture: Paramount Pictures

James Cameron’s epic love-disaster film from 1997 stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as star-crossed lovers from radically separated social classes who met on board the unfortunate maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. Filled with intense drama, heartbreaking romance, and dramatic practical special effects that drove the film’s final production budget to over $ 200 billion, making it the most expensive film of all time at the time of its release. Titanic is the undisputed crown jewel of James Cameron’s entire career; a high that the director has stubbornly followed ever since. The movie was added to the Netflix service last Friday, which explains why it’s on this week’s top 10 list.

9. My little pony: a new generation

Zipp (voiced by Liza Koshy), Pipp (voiced by Sofia Carson), Hitch (voiced by James Marsden), Izzy (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) and Sunny (voiced by Vanessa Hudgens) in My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Image: Hasbro

Look, I’m not going to pretend I’m a huge My Little Pony fan, but it’s a cultural phenomenon enough that as a professional cultural writer i would be negligent not to at least be curious about it. my Little pony: a new generation is the fifth incarnation of the My Little Pony franchise – I didn’t even know there were “incarnations” of My Little Pony, let alone five of them – plays many years after the events of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Series and follow a new group of pony friends on an epic mission to restore the magic to the land of Equestria and reunite the pony tribes as a whole. It has Vanessa Hudgens (High school musical), Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the new black) and James Marsden (Western world) inside. The new show was released on Netflix and not in theaters last Friday due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which explains why it’s in the Netflix top 10 this week.

8. Coconut melon

CG babies and anthropomorphic cats wearing name tags in cocomelon.

Image: Moonbug Entertainment

Nothing will ever defeat Coconut melon. The sun will become a supernova beforehand Coconut melon is finished. To bow to someone Coconut melon.

When your child needs to watch something (or you might tune in yourself? No judgment here!), The Animated-Nursery Rhymes-and-Songs-YouTube-Channel-Netflix-Animated-Series is one of the most popular popular kids shows on the service this week . It’s amazing – it’s been on the list since last fall and only fell off if, and shows no signs of going away … ever!

7. Seinfeld

Image: Photo Festival

What is it? hand out with His field? No really, I don’t know: I was a kid in the ’90s during the show’s cultural climax, and my television tastes at the time were closer to the animated adventures of Spider-Man. Maybe it’s finally time for me to suck it up and watch the sitcom shenanigans of fictional comedian Jerry Seinfeld (played by actual comedian Jerry Seinfeld) and his insane group of adult friends. Netflix paid over $ 500 million for the exclusive worldwide streaming rights to the series, so I may finally get around to watching a full episode of the series as an adult. The series was added to Netflix last Friday, which explains why it’s on this week’s top 10 list.

6. The duff

Mae Whitman (The perks of Being a Wallflower) plays Bianca in Ari Sandel’s 2015 teen comedy The Duff, a benign high school whose self-esteem is radically turned upside down when she learns that students are calling her a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” or “Duff.” “Popularity knows girls. With the help of her charming sports mate Wesley (Robbie Amell), Bianca reinvents herself to challenge the reigning mean school girl Madison (Bella Thorne) and assert her own worth. The movie was only added to Netflix last Friday, which is why it’s in the top 10 this week.

5. Midnight Mass

Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hassan, who looks out the window at midnight mass.

Photo: Eike Schröter / Netflix

midnight fair, Mike Flanagan’s long-time successor to 2018 The Haunted Hill House and 2020 The haunted house of Bly House, is a supernatural mystery-thriller that revolves around the residents of Crockett Island, a remote fishing village on the verge of collapse whose long-smoldering hostilities are exposed and ignited by the mysterious arrival of a charismatic priest with a dark secret. From our review:

midnight fair feels like Flanagan’s most challenging work to date, both for him and for his audience. The show was on has been working for a decade, and it’s a very personal story for Flanagan. This is hardly new to him – Hill house and Doctor sleep explored addiction and recovery skillfully through the lens of horror. And Flanagan spoke sobriety about his trip and how it turned out midnight fair detailed. This vivid personal exploration – Flanagan worked on the scripts for all seven episodes, including the four he co-wrote with his brother James – is what makes the show feel so powerful and alive, but also makes some of the hardest to analyze Moments.

4. The culprits


Image: Netflix

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead role in Antoine Fuquas The guilty as Joe Baylor, an LAPD officer turned 911 operator desperate to save the life of a caller while a deadly forest fire ravages the city. But not everything is as it seems, because Joe has to resort to unconventional means to come to the aid of his caller and uncover the truth behind their encounter. Gyllenhaal’s role is a far cry from the deranged confusion of his 2014 performance in Nightcrawler, but the trailer’s tone feels remarkably similar in its implicit treachery. Written by True detective Author and creator Nic Pizzolatto, The guilty looks as captivating and exciting as anything Fuqua and Gyllenhaal have done in the past. From our review:

Though Fuqua’s films haven’t shied away from the misdeeds of law enforcement – remember the flashy, malicious character who made Washington his Training day Oscar – they are usually confronted with innocent, honest cops. The guilty only really has a “real” police officer on the screen; the rest are voices on the other end of the phone or officials who are not annoyed with their full-time work in the call center. The phone-only cast is impressive: Peter Sarsgaard, Riley Keough, Ethan Hawke, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Paul Dano are all calling like this is an oversized run of Frasier.

3. Maid

(L to R) RYLEA NEVAEH WHITTET as MADDY and MARGARET QUALLEY as ALEX in episode 101 of MAID Cr.  © 2021

Image: Richardo Hubbs / Netflix

Inspired by Stephanie Land’s New York Times best-selling memoir, Molly Smith Metzler’s streaming miniseries Maid Stars Margaret Qualley (The rest) as Alex Russell, a young single mother who becomes a housekeeper and maid to escape her abusive home life and enable her daughter Maddy to have a better life. The series was released on Netflix last Friday and has already received positive reviews, including vulture critic Jen Chaney, who described the relationship between Alex and her mother Paula (Andie MacDowell) in her review as “one of the most enriching experiences of Fall TV this season.”

2. On my block


Image: Netflix

The fourth and final season of On my block, the coming-of-age teen comedy-drama of Unpleasant Showrunner Lauren Iungerich was released on Netflix earlier this week, which explains why it’s number two in the top 10 list this week. Cast members include Sierra Capri (American skin), Jason Genao (Logan), Brett Gray (When they see us), Diego Tinoco (Teen wolf), Jessica Marie Garcia (How to get away with murder) and more follows the series of a teenage group of lifelong friends as they face the challenges of growing up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Freeridge. This season, the friends are finally on their way to graduate high school and figure out the question of their respective futures together and separately.

1. Squid game

A man in a gray jacket and pants bends over screaming in an arcade in Squid Game

Photo: Youngkyu Park / Netflix

The South Korean survival drama Squid game rose to the top spot on the Netflix Top 10 this week after it premiered earlier this month, and it’s easy to see why. The show’s premise resembles a nightmarish Technicolor mashup of Battle Royale and Big Brother, follows the stories of seven people along with 449 other complete strangers who are kidnapped and subjected to a strange series of challenges similar to schoolyard games like red light, green light, and tug of war in a $ 38.5 million competition. You can probably guess the hook out of your head: if any of the participants lose any of the challenges, they’ll be done quickly. The series is as bizarre and hyper-powerful as it sounds, and Netflix says it is currently well on its way to becoming the service’s most watched series of all time.

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