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Here is the Tokyo Game Show trailer for the upcoming ARPG Echoes of Mana

Square Enix has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming installment in the Mana franchise, Echoes of Mana. It’s a free action RPG slated for release sometime in the spring of next year.

The game was first announced this summer and this is the first time we’ve had the chance to test out some gameplay. We won’t hold you in suspense any longer. Here is the trailer.

The game is supposed to feature characters from across the Mana Universe because that’s what ALL free to play mobile RPGs do these days. It also follows two new protagonists – Kilt and Kilte. Cool names.

There will be famous locations from other mana games to play through and loads of monsters from the various entries in the series to hack and slash and generally to chubby. Here’s the announcement trailer from a few months ago in case you missed it.

You can click here to visit the game’s official website. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about the game, but for now you have until spring to see if you can muster the energy to play another f2p Squeenix RPG.

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